The aim of this blog
This is a work in progress blog of my 1st year project at the RCA. The brief "Crisis" was the one given to all my platform (Platform 10 with Daniel Charny and Roberto Feo as tutors) from which each of us had to define his own brief, his own area of exploration.

How it works?
Even though this is a blog, it doesn' t work exactly as usual. Each part should be read from the top to the bottom and not the opposite as it is usually the way to do it.
As I have started this blog only in January, I have summarized what I did from October to December in one part. From January, I am filling it regularly with my researches and my thoughts.
I have also created two other blogs dealing with my current projects:

Definition of my brief

Since Octotber, I have been working on various themes dealing with crisis in order to refine my brief. Here is a short presentation of the major fields I have been successively focusing on:
- Funeral ceremony for atheists
- Rites (eg. : funeral rites)
- Rites of passage (practices and behaviour that help us to cope with a development crisis)

- Loss

- The objects as a psychological support (eg.: transitional objects) to help us to better make it through a crisis. Example of crisis situation to focus on: death
- The processes of ageing and evolution applied to materials
Note: the picture presented at the top of the page is a poster Platform 10 RCA students had to create for the interim show. We had to choose a quotation relating to Crisis and illustrate it graphically.